March 20, 2009

Here, At The End Of All Things


A Foreword From Muhammad Edwan:
Hello. This finale is in the form of a podcast. It's about 10 minutes long. Please load completely before listening (depending on your connection, this might take awhile) to avoid pauses. Stick around to the end. The video has some 'extras', but there's also an audio only podcast provided.

I do apologize for the voice/audio quality of the file; it is compressed, and I'm not the best AV editor. You may want to turn up the volume a little to catch all of it.

One last request: to everyone who listened or is going to listen to the following final episode:Please leave a parting word; feedback, a goodbye, a rant, a rave; tell me your favorite episode, and least favorite episode or season; whatever you please. In turn I will see to it that I thank each and everyone of you personally (even if in comment form ke ape :P).

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Talking With An Alternate You 2007 - 2009


Rumaiza Hani said...

one thing for sure.. it brought tears to my eyes :'( half expected it to end like this, but the podcast version made everything seemed real.. sangat sayu, sedih, and sangat sedih...sad sad saddd.. :((
but it's a GREAT story with a BIG impact, at least to me:)

kudos to edwan! :)

p/s: just curious, did u really cry or just blakon mase tgh sniff2 tu? hehe

Nadila Roslee said...

awwwwwwwh.. ape ni ape ni. that was unexpectedd and so sad... cause they have soooooooo many things to talk about and to confess but they didnt get that chance. till forever. oh myy.

i almost cried. (well, im a tough girl, its hard for me to cry. =p)

so does this means Rafar is single now? yeay =D.

btw, its very creative of you guna podcast! suka suka.

and and ada nama i!!! thanks edwann!!

thank you for another great season of twaay too. :)

Muhammad Edwan Shaharir said...

maiza - thanks! and the *sniff* tu was... ehehe, rahsia :P

nadila - rafar kan evie pnya, ish.

nurdini izni said...


well first of all. i dah terfikir, "kalau rafar gune suara edwan, then nnti evie gune suara sape?"

second, i was shocked. really. terkejut gle dengar "but now she's dead." but i guess that explains why evie takde suara lah kan. heheh

and then bile rafar cakap "i supposed im destined to spend an eternity, talking with an alternate you." i broke into tears.

u said nobody will dieeeee..! so i wasnt mentally prepared. haih.

but anyway. i love it. bravo! :D
good ending. its the only way to suit the title eh, 'talking with an alternate you'. haha

dalila said...

okay, way to go to make me cry during installing my new printer!
i waited last night, but i guess i fell asleep ahah, so only now baru boleh dgr.

i kinda expected this. and the thing that gets me kan... is that evie kena acute appendices (sp?), which.. eheh i had it previously and i have like 0.1% of making it and i made it.

so macam the way rafar cerita stuff its like how i imagine my other half would feel during the operation.

after all these years, wow, she's the one that had to go away. sigh.

i would say that my favorite season will always be the first one. which makes me stay reading this till the end.

this is so sad lah! :'(

keep on writing please and oh can i have the complete season in .pdf?

thank you for writing.

p.s: goodbye rafar and evie. :(

dalila said...

oh and the worst episode would be (okay i lost track which season) the one yang evie suffer after the divorce. weh i dont like that season at all, all gloomyyy :(

nuraainaa said...



i lebih rela kalau ada tajudin?

i sedih, but i didn't cry.

i suka the whole twaay, but the season i like the least is S3.

great way to end the story, but i don't like the ending. kesian diorang. :''((


anne mohamad tabib said...

saya masih tak boleh nak tgk final episode ni. mcm mana. :"/