December 2, 2007


the young lady looked at herself in the mirror; almost scrutinizing herself. she glanced approvingly at her own slim waist and hips, and stuck her chest out for a few seconds. she liked what she saw. but then she felt incredibly embarrassed about her own vanity and turned away. she was dressed in a simple t-shirt and 3/4 jeans. the t-shirt was a plain white v-neck on which she had drawn her own designs on. likewise, the cuffs of her jeans had pretty floral motifs sewn on.

it was only about 1030 on a sunday. she had just finished showering and dressing when she had been looking at the mirror. now she threw herself back on the bed. she grabbed a book, started to read, got distracted and turned on her laptop to play games.

after awhile she got bored of that as well. she sighed and yawned. her mobile phone buzzed and she glanced at it. a text message saying "can't make it tonight; i got a football match". she rolled her eyes and tossed the phone beside her. feeling incredibly bored, she just lay there on the bed for awhile doing nothing.

soon enough, she called her best friend and told her to be ready in 25 minutes, i'm picking you up we're going out for some window shopping. okay fine, said her best friend. she got up, grabbed her denim jacket and bag.. and oops, not to forget, her phone. she went down the stairs of her home, asked permission to use the car from her parents, who were watching television in the living room, got approval and went out.

as she drove, she thought of him. not her current squeeze(if it was a squeeze.. it's been rather staid lately, she sighed) but of the other guy. but first the invasive question: should she be thinking of him at all? it doesn't matter, she thought and dismissed the question. she thought of the other guy; he wasn't the guy all the girls wanted and all the boys wanted to be. but he had something in the way he talked, in the way he looked at people. it wasn't a bad look; but at the same time that look he gave sort of sent out the message that "i am deeper than you think". at least, that's what she secretly thought, anyway.

then again, maybe it was only her who saw her that way. why, she didn't know. most times, especially amongst the friends, he was laid back, funny, sarcastic and above all, witty when interacting with people. she thought of that day again when he had pulled his so called 'prank' on her, and the others had laughed it off and relapsed into general conversation. even she had laughed it off; but she noticed the way he had stolen glances at her. the way he turned his head around or shifted his eyes away when she caught him looking. it was enough to convince her it wasn't a prank after all. but she didn't understand yet how she was sure. and she had let it be for awhile.

the past few weeks after that 'prank' had almost slipped by in a blur. she had gone on her dates with arrows, her classes, her shopping sprees. she had done her coursework, her assignments, her revision. and still at the back of her mind he lingered.

wiseguy, she thought. ever joking, ever wise-cracking wiseguy. she thought of how his hair always looked as if he had just got out of bed, and that smile he does when only his upper left lip moves; almost a smirk. she thought about how his eyes looked sharp yet dreamy at the same time, no matter how weird that sounds. they had gotten to know each other through their playful banter and arguments. and they had gotten to know each other really well.

she suddenly felt sad when she realized she hasn't seen him much these past weeks. that sadness turned into an odd (for her) longing. i miss him, she thought.

she sighed again and turned the corner to her best friend's house. she honked the car horn and her best friend appeared at the door, motioning for her to wait, wait, i'm getting ready. she nodded as her friend left the doorway, probably to get a bag or a jacket (or both). her phone buzzed. it was arrows, her actual boyfriend.

"babes, u didnt reply my message earlier? just to say again sorry cant make it tonite."

she blew a strand of hair that fell on her face, and pushed her glasses up her nose. she replied a brief, curt "okay, its okay. have fun" and dropped her phone in a dashboard compartment. she drummed her fingers on the steering well while she waited, and soon her best friend came out and got into the car.

"hellooo... so where do u wanna go girl..?", asked the best friend.

she was quiet for awhile, and said:

"tingles, do you think wiseguy actually really loves me..?"

tingles looked dumbstruck, and shrugged awkwardly.

sugar looked at her best friend, and shrugged it off herself.

"nevermind. let's go to OU. dah lama tak jalan-jalan there..", sugar said, and tingles just agreed and turned on the radio.

but still, as she drove on, sugar thought of him.

she thought of wiseguy.