November 4, 2007


after beach

when the alarm clock rang i almost knocked it off the bedside table. i grabbed it and groggily gave a glance: 1030hrs. i wanted to go back to sleep when i smelled a subtle perfume: you. turning around, you were lying on your side in front of me, smiling. i twisted my body so i was facing you.

"what?" i said with my eyes closed.

"nothing. you. sleeping." you say.

"so what's with me sleeping?"

"cute." you say.

"i know i'm cute." i say in a smug but still sleepy voice.

"but only when you're sleeping", you hit back, "most other times, you're irritating"

i open my eyes and frown at this. "so i guess i should sleep all the time then?"

your brows furrow and you exclaim in mocking anger. "no..! who am i gonna talk to if you sleep all the time?". we laugh. in that late morning, with the sun already shining through our bedroom window, the sound of our mingled laughter seemed like the most natural thing in the world. i put an arm around you and pull you close.

"let's just go on sleeping sugar. it's not a working day. i want sleep.", i say.

"nuh-uh. you have something to do today", you say.

"i do? what?"

"you have to make me breakfast!"

i yawn and sit up. you sit up beside me and out your head on my shoulder. i love the way it feels. it reminds me of one of the reasons i love you, and one of the reasons i married you: tenderness.

"i have to make you breakfast? and why can't you do it on your own?", i ask.

"because, we've only been married one week; hence you have to make breakfast for the wife!" you answer.

"i didn't know that was a rule of marriage."

"then there's a lot of things you don't know, wise guy"

"and i suppose you do? have you been married before me?"

"noooo..but still. wouldn't it be sweet?" you say this while batting your eyelashes at me. it melts my heart.

"okay fine. what do you want sayang..?"

your eyes seem to sparkle at this question. triumphantly you almost shout: "nasi lemak!! i already bought the ingredients this morning while you were still sleeping!".

i stare at you amused. i let my body fall into your lap and mumbled: "you planned this didn't you? pandai ehh?"

you giggled. "can you make me nasi lemak?". as an answer i pinched you on the thigh and jumped off the bed. when i turned to look at you all i got was a pillow in the face and you shouting "oooowwww..sakitlah!!" and giggling at the same time.

after i showered and dressed, i went to the kitchen of our cozy apartment to find out you had, indeed, bought all the stuff for nasi lemak. i began preparing the stuff for the condiments. you walk in the kitchen smiling. you're wearing a t-shirt and a cute skirt, and you look just beautiful to me.

"you're lucky you know that," i say to you as i peel some cucumbers.

"yes, i know. but i wanna hear why. from you" you say, smiling.

"you married a cook who loves you and won't mind cooking for you" i say. you cover your mouth in a cute gesture i recognized since the days when we first started dating. when you do that it means you're flattered and blushing. you take a seat at the kitchen counter as i began busying myself. when you offer to help, i decline.

"how am i gonna be good at cooking when you're not gonna let me help?" you protest.

"okay, first of all, cutting cucumbers and boiling eggs isn't exactly science" i say. "besides, you wanted me to cook for you sayang. so you take a seat and let me do the work for today okay?" i kiss you on the cheek and shoo you off to the living room.

after about three-quarters of an hour i bring out the nasi lemak complete with condiments and invite you to the dining table.

"carry me there?" you say and hold out your arms.

i shook my head. "noooo..." instead i held out my hand, took yours in mine, and seated you myself. i spooned some of the fragrant rice (mama's recipe!) onto your plate with the condiments. i took a seat and motioned to the two pots i had put on the table. both had steam coming out of the spouts.

"tea or coffee?" i ask.

"no chocolate left from last night..?" you ask back.

"chocolate hardly seems the drink for a romantic breakfast don't you think?" i say with a raised eyebrow.

"nasi lemak isn't romantic"

"then why did you want nasi lemak then?"

"because i was hungry wise guy! hihi. but for you, nasi lemak can be a romantic dish"

"it is isn't it? creamy..spicy.."

"oily?" you say through a mouthful of nasi lemak and sambal ikan bilis.

"cholesterol-ly?" i remark. at this you laugh and almost spit out your mouthful. i pat your back. "eat properly dear."

after breakfast (or brunch, more like it) you and i just lazed around on the sofa, talking. you leaned on me. i steal glances at you from time to time, a habit from our earlier days together. you always noticed back then, and you notice it even now.

"you don't have to steal glances at me sayang.." you say softly.

"i can't help it.. it's habit" i answer.

"hee. well you don't have to. you can just look at me.." you say and tilt my head so we were face to face. you put a hand to my face and gave me a long, deep kiss on the lips, a kiss i gladly returned. time slowed down for that moment, it seemed.

you broke the kiss and smiled. your eyes were still closed. then you gave a little giggle, as if someone was tickling your feet. i smiled, amused.

"what is it?" i ask in a gentle voice. our noses were still touching. you opened your eyes and put your forehead to mine. still smiling, you say "you smell like nasi lemak..~" and giggled again. i gave a small laugh of my own.

"so do you sugar.." i said and i kissed you again, softly on the forehead this time. "so do you."

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